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Considine Consulting Ltd

Founded during December 2020, in the midst of the pandemic - to provide professional services for the hospitality industry.

Our primary mission; ensure our services are actually accessible to the independent businesses that need them. Helping small businesses build a competitive framework to prosper and succeed no matter how challenging the environment.

Our secondary mission; increase awareness, provide resources and guidance on mental health in the hospitality industry. Always with an honest aim of reducing its impact on management and colleagues - and therefore the businesses that rely on them to succeed.

founder | management consultant

Darcy Considine-Moore

I will confidently say, my life has often meant cutting through the contradictions and overcoming the challenges.

Growing up as a British expatriate in the middle east, most notably Dubai. A seemingly average life at home and yet entirely an outsider to the native Emiratis and my hometown of Coventry. Learning from a young age that respect had to be earned, trust and loyalty had to be proven and an astute yet charismatic outlook was the best suited for success.

Providing luxury hospitality and a truly warm welcome, I consider a true value in life and is embed deep within my conscious. I dreamt of working with hotels from as young as I can remember - or at least from the age of eleven, when I established 'The Moore's Residence’. In reality, it was the guest room for family and friends coming to stay; a reminder of my desire and need to please the guest.

Three years later and at my first university open day with the Emirates School of Hospitality by Jumeirah…my passion and love for the industry grew exponentially from then on.



Throughout, my time in both the world of academia and progression in the hotel sector; technology has always been at the forefront of my journey and achievements. Undeniably, with particular concern to what is now referred to as the 'hotel tech stack', yet this only ignited my drive to explore old and new technologies alike.

Web applications, dynamic websites and cloud-based software solutions remain a key interest of mine. They continue to be imperative in the development of my business, creating the perfect framework to attack any project or task in an effective manner.

DarcyConsidine.TECH is the online home of my personal brand and portfolio. You are welcome to reach out to me via my personal website if your project is not business related.





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